Basho Hydropower Project

Basho Hydropower Project

Location: On Basho Lungma (Nullah) near Basho Village, 45 km downstream of Skardu Town. Basho Lungma is a left tributary of Indus River and is 704 km from Islamabad. (Gilgit-Baltistan)
Salient Features

Design Discharge

5.0 m3/sec  Basho

Gross Head

974 m

Installed Capacity

40 MW

Annual Energy

165 GWh                               


To Generate Electricity

Scope of work

Detailed Engineering Design / Preparation of Tender Documents & PC-I Proforma
Commencement Date  -
Completion Date   4 years after commencement
Financial Status (Rs. Million) Local Foreign Total
Approved PC-II Cost (27.11.2006) 91.243 - 91.243
PSDP Allocation 2018-2019 - - -
  • Feasibility Study was completed in year 2002.
  • Contract Agreement between M/s Afd and M/s Sogreah signed on May 28, 2011 and Consultants mobilized by June, 2011.
  • Updating of Feasibility Study was completed in 2011 with Grant Assistance of AFD in 2012.
  • EIA Report and relevant documents have been submitted to EPA GB Govt. for review and subsequent approval and issuance of NOC.
  • EPA-GB has asked for re-submission of fresh IEE Report of Basho HPP without reservoir option which will be taken for Detailed Engineering Design.
  • Donor agencies AFD & KfW have envisaged to implement Harpo & Basho in phased approach, considering one hydropower project & transmission line in Phase-I, Phase-II will be realized later. Harpo will be taken up in Phase-I.
  • PC-I for “Detailed Engineering Design, preparation of Tender Documents, and Implementation of the project” was submitted to SRC WAPDA on 24.07.2014.
  • PC-I has been updated by incorporating Confidence Building Measures and security cost and will be submitted to MoWR after clearance from WAPDA Authority.


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