Power Complex

Power Complex

PowerChanel Barotha

The Power Complex is located near the confluence of the Indus and Haro rivers. It comprises a forebay, a siphon spillway , two head ponds, a power in take structure, penstocks, a power house with five 290 MW each turbo generators and a tail race channel.

The two head ponds with a combined live storage capacity of approximately 25.5 million cubic meters is sufficient for daily requirement of 4 hours peak generation. This means that in May and June when there is reduced generation from Tarbela and Mangla power houses, due to low reservoir levels, Ghazi Barotha Hydropower Project provides peak production of 1450 MW.

The five generating units in the Powerhouse are each fed by a 10.6 m diameter steel lined penstock. Each of the five 290 MW Turbo Generators can take a peak flow of 460 cumecs.


No. of Generating Units      5

Rated Capacity per Unit     290   MW

Total installed Capacity      1450 MW

Generation voltage              18 KV

Rated Head (Ft.)                   69 Meters

Rated Discharge



Units No Commissioning
1 26-07-2003
2 16-08-2003
3 18-10-2003
4 16-12-2003
5 06-04-2004


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