The Project is running through Neelum Jhelum Hydro-Power Company (NJHPC) WAPDA, headed by a Board of Directors (BOD). The Chairman of the BOD is Chairman Wapda. Members of the Board are Chairman Wapda, Member (Water) WAPDA, Member (Power) WAPDA Member (Finance) WAPDA, CEO (NJHPC), CFO of the Company and EX-CEO of NJHPP, Chief Secretary Azad Jammu & Kashmir, Additional Secretary Ministry of Water and Power, Additional Secretary Economic Affair Division, Additional/Special Secretary Ministry of Finance. MD/Chief Executive Officer, the representative of Board of Directors, has his office at Islamabad whereas Project Director (General Manager) has his office at Muzaffarabad (AJ&K).


Neelum Jhelum Hydroelectric Project (NJHEP) is located in the vicinity Muzaffarabad (AJ&K). It envisages the diversion of Neelum river water through a tunnel out -falling into Jhelum River. The intake Neelum Jhelum is at Nauseri 41 Km East of Muzaffarabad. The Powerhouse will be constructed at Chatter Kalas, 22 Km South of Muzaffarabad. After passing through the turbines the water will be released into Jhelum River about 4 Km South of Chatter Kalas. Neelum Jhelum Hydroelectric Project has installed capacity of 969 MW. The Project will produce 5.15 Billion units of electricity annually.



Overall Project Cost

Rs. 274.882 Billions 

Installed Capacity

969 MW, Four Units @ 242.25 MW each

Dam,  Type 

Composite Dam (Gravity + Rock fill)

Height / Length

60 / 160 Meters

Average Annual Energy          

5.150 Billion electricity Units Annually

Average Head

420 Meters

Design Discharge

280 Cumecs


Twin Tunnel
Single Tunnel
Tailrace Tunnel

Length 19.54 km each
Length 8.94 km
Length 3.54 km


25.46 %

Date of Commencement


Expected Completion date

November 2016

Implementation Period 

About 9 years

A composite Dam (Gravity + Rock fill) 160m long and 60m high will be constructed on Neelum River at Nauseri. It is a Gated Diversion Dam. The dam will create a head pond of 10 million cubic meters which will allow a peaking reservoir of 3.8 million cubic meters to meet daily peaking of power for more than 4 hours. A six gate tunnel intake structure of 280 cumecs capacity will be connected three conventional flushing surface basins installed at their end for taking sediment back into river. The total length of headrace tunnel is almost 48 Km. A 19.54 Km stretch of the tunnel from the Nauseri site will be constructed as a twin tunnel system each with cross sectional area ranging from 52-58m2. The remaining headrace tunnel down to the surge chamber will be a single tunnel having cross sectional area 100m2 approximately. The tunnel portion to be excavated with TBM will be shortcrete lined with a concrete invert while the drill and blast portion of the tunnel will have full face concrete lining. The tunnel crosses under the Jhelum River at EI. 602.0, m asl, approximately 180m below Riverbed. The tunnel is accessed by 8 construction Adits for removal of excavated spoil.

The Surge Chamber consist of 341m high riser shaft and 820m long surge tunnel, four steel lined Penstock tunnels 118 m long and having 3.8 m internal diameter will also be constructed. The underground power Station will have four units with a total capacity of 969 MW. The Power Station will be connected with Gakhar Grid station through 500KV double circuit transmission line. 

The Neelum Jhelum Hydroelectric Project is split into the following three main geographic areas.


A 60m high Composite (Gravity + Rock fill) diversion dam and sedimentation basin near Nauseri is on the Neelum River. The dam has 3 No. Radial gates and 2 No. flap gates designed to pass floods of 1000 year recurrence period and also allow the reservoir to be drawn down for sediment flushing. The sedimentation basins are designed to trap sediments that could erode the turbine blades at the powerhouse. The intake works are designed to divert up to 280m3/s  into the headrace tunnels.


The headrace tunnel is 48 km long including twin tunnel and conveys the water from the intake area at Nauseri to the Powerhouse area near Chatter Kalas. The tunnel crosses under high ground and also across the Muzaffarabad fault zone. A 19.54 Km stretch of the tunnel from the Nauseri be constructed as a twin tunnel system each with x-sectional area ranging from 52-58 m2  and the rest of the route, a single tunnel of x-section area 100 m2 approx, has been proposed. The tunnel portion to be excavated with TBM will be shortcrete lined with a concrete invert while the drill and blast portion of the tunnel will have full face concrete lining. The tunnel crosses under the Jhelum River at 602 m asl, approximately 180 m below Riverbed.


The headrace tunnel will feed four vertical-shafts Francis turbines with an installed capacity of 969 MW housed in an underground powerhouse. The water is discharged back into the Jhelum River near Zamainabad through a 3.54 km tailrace tunnel. Associated facilities include a transformer hall, surge shafts, access tunnels, a 500 kv switchyard and housing facilities for the operations and maintenance personnel.



Construction Contract was awarded, on July 07, 2007 to M/s CGGC-CMEC Consortium China for implementation of the project at a cost of Rs. 90.90 Billions including Rs. 46.499 Billions foreign component.

Preparatory works including construction of Contractor's camps aggregate crushing & batching plant, site access roads and site/test laboratory have been completed.

Board of Director NJHPC has approved the deployment of Tunnel Boring Machines (TBM) for the Project on 23.11.2010. The Contractor has arranged procurement of two TBMs from M/S Herrenknecht Germany. The deployment of TBMs will certainly help to put the project on scheduled track and recover most part of delayed period envisaged for the project completion.

Both the tunnel boring machines (TBMs) have been assembled and tested. The operation of first TBM started on 28-01-2013 whereas second TBM started mining on 22-02-2013. Operation of both tunnel boring machines (TBMs) remained in progress.


Neelum Jhelum Consultants (NJC), a Joint Venture Comprising of five firms including MWH International Inc., USA, NORPLAN A.S., Norway, National Engineering Services Pakistan NESPAK (Pvt.) Limited, Associated Consulting Engineers ACE (Pvt.) Limited, National Development Consultants of Pakistan, have been selected for Engineer Design and Supervision (EDS) as Project Consultants. Consultancy Agreement was signed on May 15, 2008. Letter of Commencement was issued on May 16, 2008. Services have been started since June 03, 2008.



Tunnels/Major Works

Total Length (M)/ Quantity(M3)

Achieved / Completed


Lot C-1 (Nauseri)

Access Tunnel (A1) 385 385 100.00 %
Diversion Tunnel 505 505 100.00 %
Headrace Tunnel (Single/Twin) by D&B 8,244 8,044 97.57 %
Main Dam excavation (Spillway, Stilling Basin & Debris Channel)  624,145 589,832 94.50 %
Intake and Sedimentation Basin (RCC) m3  62,344 59,575 95.56 %
Intake and Sedimentation Basin (PCC) m3 342,157 106,572 31.15 %
Desander & Intake (Excavation) 3,850,000 3,848,258 99.95 %
Main Dam Concrete (Spillway, Stilling Basin & Debris Channel (PCC) 365,700




58.52 %


Main Dam Concrete (Spillway, Stilling Basin & Debris Channel (RCC)


94.18 %
U/S Coffer Dam (RCC + Hard Fill)


49,133 100.00 %
Concrete Lining of HRT (Linear meter) 8,022 2,196 27.37 %
Upstream River Training Works (PCC) 20,000 8,590 42.95 %

Upstream River Training Works (RCC)


150,000 45,680 30.45 %
Granite Blocks (No's) 11,631 3,956 34.01 %

Lot C-2 (Majhoi)

Headrace Tunnel (Twin) by TBM

22,156 10,579 47.82 %
Headrace Tunnel(Single /Twin) by D&B 14,474 13,088 90.42 %
Concrete Lining HRT (meter) 12,715 3,612 28.41 %
Access Tunnel (A2,A3,A4 & A4a etc) 8,676 8,676 100.00 %

Lot C-3 (Chattar Kalas)

Headrace Tunnel (Single)

3,403 3,403 100.00 %
Tailrace Tunnel 3,551 3,458 97.38 %
Access Tunnels (A5,A6,A7) & Surge Tunnel 5,479 5,470 99.84 %
Power House (Excavation) m3 148,463 148,463 100.00 %
 Penstock/Draft Tube/Bus Bar (4 No. each) 924 924 100.00 %
Concrete Lining HRT  



1,068 31.38 %
Transformer Hall (Excavation) m3 51,372 51,372 100.00 %


48,277 35,132 72.77 %



Overall Physical Progress is 69.50 % up to the end of February, 2015.


- About 63% concreting of Power House and 94% concreting of Transformer Hall has been completed so far.
 - Work on WAPDA colony for O&M at Chattar Kalas is in progress.
 - Work on switchyard is in progress.

LOT - H1, M1 & E1
  • Design of EMH work has been completed.
  • Installation of Radial Gates in the spillway at Lot-C1 Nauseri is in progress.
  • For unit No. 1, 2, 3 & 4, Draft tube segments along with bonneted gates have been installed and other works remained in progress.
  • All penstock steel cans (156 No.) have been rolled and welded.
  • 06 No. Transformers (98 MVA), 02 No. Turbine shafts and 01 No. Inlet valve arrived at site Lot C-3 Chattar Kalas.
  • The manufacturing of other equipments is in progress in China.

 -    Construction of RCC bridge class-70 costing to Rs. 510 Million on Neelum River at C-01 Nauseri site completed and handed over to Highway Department AJ&K.

 -   Metalled road (1.2 km) between RCC Bridge and suspension bridge costing to Rs. 28.638 million has been completed by the Highway Department funded by WAPDA/NJHPC.

 -   Water supply scheme estimating to Rs. 1.25 Million at Chast Nagar Chattar Kalas is in progress under the local Govt. Department by the the WAPDA / NJHPC.

 -   Other public Welfare Schemes such as construction of Dispensary and up gradation of water supply schemes at Nausada and Nauseri has been approved and funded by WAPDA which will be constructed by concerned department of AJ&K.

 -    The Rehabilitation of Lohar Gali road has been carried out by Highway Department costing to Rs. 1.4 Million funded by WAPDA / NJHPC.


GOP has approved financial arrangement for the project;

a. Established Neelum Jhelum Hydropower Company for Project Implementation.

. Imposition of surcharge @ 10 Paisa per unit on power tariff for providing 50% Local Component (LC) equity of project estimated cost at the acceptance of tender. Balance equity to be arranged through loans, SUKUK bonds etc. About US $ 600 million financing has been arranged in collaboration with Economic Affair Division (EAD) from the Middle East Donors. Loan agreement for US $ 448 Million of EXIM Bank of China has been signed and will be effective shortly.

d. Revised PSDP (2014-15) allocation or Self financing through Neelum Jhelum Surcharge levied by GoP is Rs. 30,438 Million.

Overall Financial Progress is 58.96%* up to the end of February, 2015.

*This month's financial progress does not include interest during Construction (IDC).

In    In a meeting held under the Chairmanship of Honorable Prime Minister of Pakistan on 20th May, 2014, it was decided that Rs. 14 Billion out of the available balance of Rs. 740 Billion in PSDP 2013-14 would be allocated for Neelum Jhelum Hydroelectric Project. Now this amount has been released fully and paid and paid to WAPDA. In this way payment of the outstanding amounts, which was due to be paid to the Contractor has been made.



  • Reduction of dependence on thermal power generation through reducing the import of fossil fuel thereby saving in foreign exchange.

  • Employment opportunities during construction and later on during operation of the Project.

  • Improved standard of living.

  • Social-economic uplift of the area.

Updated as on 28-02-2015

Photographs showing advancement in the Project are placed at below.

Shotcrete Batching Plant Near Adit A1

Excavation work started at desander area

Inlet of Diversion Tunnel

Form Work Fixing for Second Lift Concrete Pour For Segment No.01  at Switchyard RCC Retaining Wall

A7 Tailrace Tunnel (01)Station 0+026 Face heading and left wall btw stations and 0+016 to 0+021 and benching after mucking

A8-Access to Surge Shaft (01) Station 0+042 Face drilling of rock bolts

Construction of Left Abutment for Replacement Bridge across River Jhelum is in Progress

A8‐ Access to Surge Shaft (02) Station 0+000 Inlet view of access to Surge Shaft

Area occupied by CGGC Staff residences, Parking Area Generator Shed etc at Adit A4

Development of land for crushing and batching plant