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Dasu Hydropower Project is a run of river scheme located 7 km upstream of Dasu village on Indus River, 74 km downstream of Diamer Basha Dam and 350 km from Islamabad. The Project is located in District Kohistan of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

Scope of Work
Preparation of Detailed Engineering Design, Tender Documents and Tendering.

To design a Project of 4320 MW to produce mean annual energy of 21484 GWh.

Date of Commencement 
April 2010
Date of Completion
March, 2019
Project Cost As Per PC-II

PC-II was approved by ECNEC on 29.09.2003 at a total cost of Rs. 796.87 million, with FEC Rs.100.00 million:

  • Stage-I (Feasibility Study) for Rs.540.902 million with FEC Rs.60.00 million.

  • Stage-II (Detailed Engineering Design and Tender Documents) for Rs.255.876 million with FEC Rs.40.00 million.
Installed Capacity (MW) 4320
Mean Annual Energy (GWh) 21484
Design Discharge m3/Sec 2600
Type of Dam RCC
Dam Height (m) 242
Construction Period (Years) 18 (in four phases 
No. & Type of Turbine 12 (Vt. Francis) 
Project Base Cost US$ 4906.5 Million

The Feasibility study of the Project completed on 28th February, 2009 by a  Joint Venture of M/s NESPAK (Lead Firm) , ACE and COLENCO in association with Binnie & Partners.

Key Progress
  • he Feasibility Study of the Project completed on 28th February, 2009 by a Joint Venture of M/s NESPAK (Lead Firm), ACE, MWH and COLENCO in association with Binnie & Partners.

  • 06 Nos. Micro-Seismic Stations have been established in the project area.

  • River bed drilling, one bore hole about 51 meter deep had been completed upstream of Coffer Dam Site during March, 2011. Subsequently, River bed drilling, 2nd, 3rd and 4th bore holes about 105 meter, 85 meter & 65 meter deep respectively have been completed at Main Dam Axis-5 (25 meter from Left & Right Banks and Plunge Pool) during January to April, 2012. All River Bed Drilling (4 Nos. Boreholes) proposed by Dasu Hydropower Consultants has been completed. After completion of work, team of Drilling & Grouting Section, Tarbela Dam Project has been demobilized.

  • Borehole PW-03 at Khoshe Fault, 198 meter has been completed in the month of July, 2012 by Hi-Tech Engineering Company, Islamabad.

  • Topographic Survey work for relocation of KKH has been completed in the month of August, 2012 by Al-Hasnain Enterprises, Karachi.

  • Steering Committee of WCAP has approved US$ 8.0.million on October, 2011 for Detailed Engineering Design and Tender Documents & Tendering of Dasu HPP.

  • The Consultancy Contract Agreement for Preparation and Implementation of Dasu Hydropower Project has been signed on September 19, 2011 between Dasu Hydropower Consultants and WAPDA.

  • Dasu Hydropower Consultants (DHC) mobilized and commenced their services from September 19, 2011.

  • Kick off meeting with Dasu Hydropowe1r Consultants (DHC) was held on September 24, 2011 in the office of Project Director, Dasu HPP.

  • World Bank Mission headed by Mr. Masood Ahmad, Team Leader visited Pakistan from May 06 to 18, 2012 to undertake Preparation Mission for proposed Dasu Hydropower Project. In this regard Mission had several high level meetings with WAPDA, NTDC, DHC and International Panel of Experts. World Bank Mission also visited Dasu Hydropower Project site area on May 10 & 11, 2012. Independent Review Consultants, Mr. Koopman and Mr. Muhammad Omar Khalid, Environmental Specialists also visited Pakistan as well as Dasu Hydropower Project site area alongwith World Bank Mission.

  • International Panel of Experts (IPoEs) comprising Mr. Brian Forbes, Dams & RCC Specialist, Mr. Laurie Richard, Rock Engineer, Mr. John Gummer, Hydro-Mechanical & Electrical Equipments Specialist and Mr. SHI Guoqing, Social & Resettlement Expert (Safeguard Panel of Expert) visited Pakistan from May 13 to 19, 2012 to review the work which is being carried out by DHC. IPoEs except Mr. John Gummer, Hydro-Mechanical & Electrical Equipments Specialist also visited Dasu Hydropower Project site area on May 16, 2012. IPoEs submitted final report at the conclusion of their visit.

  • PD (Dasu) Field Office has been established at Dasu Town District Kohistan since November, 2011.

  • Inception Report of Dasu Hydropower Project was received from DHC on November 29, 2011. WAPDA comments were conveyed to DHC. Report was presented to Member (Water).

  • Basic Design Report of Dasu Hydropower Project was received from DHC during April, 2012.

  • The World Bank Project Preparation Mission led by Mr. Masood Ahmad, Lead Water Resources Specialist and International Panel of Experts (IPoEs) including Technical, Safeguard Experts (Environment & Social) and Independent Review Consultants (Environment & Social) visited Pakistan from February 04 to 11, 2013 to review the Detailed Engineering Design of Dasu Hydropower Project. During their visit, they visited Dasu site area and had meetings with WAPDA, NTDC and Dasu Hydropower Consultants (DHC). After concluding their visit, World Bank and IPoEs submitted Aide Memoire and Final Reports respectively.

  • WAPDA has arranged outsource vocational training program for male affectees of Dasu HPP at Driving School / Applied Technologies Institute, Dina being run by NLC. Training of 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th batch (6 months course) has been completed in March, 2013 and June, 2013, September, 2013 and December, 2013 respectively.

  • Gazette Notification for Section-4 for Land Acquisition of WAPDA offices & Colony, Disposal area and Right Bank Access Road (Komila to Seo), KKH-01 & KKH-02 has been issued by Provincial Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Further, survey of areas to be acquired for Colony and Disposal Area has been completed by Local Revenue Department and survey of others is in progress.

  • Formal request letter from Economic Affairs Division (EAD), GoP has been written to the World Bank for Project funding after approval of Project Concept Clearance Proposal for Foreign Assistance from CDWP on 28.08.2013.

  • In response to formal request from EAD, Govt. of Pakistan, the World Bank Pre-Appraisal Mission visited Dasu HPP from Oct 24, 2013 to Nov 07, 2013 to review Detailed Engineering Design and Social & Environmental Management Plans prepared for Dasu Hydropower Project.

  • As per World Bank Aide-Memoire dated November 21, 2013, the World Bank has shown full commitments to arranging US$ 4.278 Billion as Cost of Stage I.

  • General Procurement Notice (GPN) for construction of Dasu HPP as per World Bank requirement has been published in UN Development Business (UNDB) online on Nov 12, 2013. The same has also been published in all leading Local Newspapers of Pakistan.

  • International Panel of Experts (IPoEs) 3rd Meeting of Dasu Hydropower Project was conducted from Nov 24, 2013 to Dec 02, 2013 for review of Detailed Engineering Design of Dasu HPP including Environment & Social Studies carried out by Dasu Hydropower Consultants (DHC).

  • The Central Development Working Party (CDWP) in its meeting on November 29, 2013 has cleared PC-I (Part-I) for Acquisition of Land, Resettlement and Pre-Construction Activities and has principally recommended for approval from ECNEC. PC-I for construction of Dasu HPP after approval of MoW&P has been submitted to P&D Division on November 27, 2013 for approval from competent forum.

  • Process for Pre-Qualification of Contractors for construction of Relocation of KKH, Right Bank Access Road and Project Colony has been initiated and in progress. Notice for Pre-qualification of contractors for Relocation of KKH, Right Bank Access Road & Project Colony has been published in leading National Newspapers on December 12, 2013. The last date of receiving of Pre-qualification documents from Contractors is fixed at January 27, 2014

  • Chief Engineer/PD, Dasu HPP visited Washington, DC, USA from January 12 to 23, 2014 to participate in the World Bank Internal Review Meetings regarding review and finalization of Environmental & Social Studies Documents of Dasu HPP. The participants of the meetings were Mr. Reitse Koopmans & Mr. Mohammad Omar Khalid, Independent eview Consultants (Env. & Social), Mr. Mohammad Zaman, Social/Resettlement Expert (DHC), Mr. Ventaka Nukala, Environment Expert (DHC), Mr. Masood Ahmad, Lead Water Resources Specialist (WB), Mr. Javaid Afzal, Sr. Environment Expert (WB), Mr. Chaohua Zhang, Social/Resettlement  Expert (WB) and team of World Bank Internal Reviewers. The wrap up meeting was held on January 22, 2014.

  • Central Development Working Party (CDWP) in its meeting on January 16, 2014 has cleared the PC-I for Construction of Dasu HPP with total cost of PKR 685,493.20 Million and principally recommended for approval from ECNEC subject to incorporation of their observations.

  • Deputy Commissioner, Kohistan in a meeting regarding Price Assessment of Land for the Construction of Dasu HPP held on January 17, 2014 has declared the rates for different type of land to be acquired for Dasu HPP.  

  • The softcopies of Environmental Management Action Plan (EMAP) finalized by the World Bank Internal Reviewers in Jan, 2014 have been uploaded on WAPDA website being pre-requisite for approval of Dasu Project from Bank Board of Directors.

  • The ECNEC meeting was held on February 12, 2014 in the Cabinet Room of the Prime Minister Office, Islamabad. PC-I (Part-I) and PC-I of Dasu HPP (Part-II) were considered in meeting of ECNEC. The ECNEC deferred the Dasu Hydropower Project and directed Ministries of Water & Power, Planning, Development & Reform and WAPDA should be on the same page with regard to cost of the project, its viability, period of implementation and re-submit an integrated PC-I.

  • Dasu Hydropower Consultants (DHC) on Feb 14, 2013 has requested for extension in services for Assignment-A of Consultancy Contract Agreement expiring on Feb 18, 2014. DHC has requested for extension till June 30, 2014.

  • 24 Nos. Contractors purchased the Pre-Qualification Documents (PQDs) for each KKH-01 & RAR-01 and Project Colony (PCI-01). However, 21 Contractors submitted the   PQDs for KKH-01 & RAR-01 and 19 Contractors submitted the PQDs for Project Colony (PCI-01) by last date of submission i.e., January 27, 2014.

  • The disclosure meetings regarding Dasu HPP were held in February, 2014 as per the following schedule:

    -        February 21, 2014 at Dasu, Kohistan

    -        February 24, 2014 at Peshawar

    -        February 25, 2014 at Islamabad

    Activities during the Month:
  • A meeting regarding Land acquisition and communication was held on March 04, 2014. The meeting was chaired by Additional Secretary, MoW&P and attended by Joint Secretary MoW&P, Deputy Secretary MoW&P, Commissioner Hazara Division, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Deputy Commissioner, Kohistan and Project Director, Dasu HPP. Chair decided that Land acquisition dealing with locals, fixation of rates of land and providing security to WAPDA staff is the responsibility of District Administration. Stoppage of site investigations and other works by local people should be handled by local Administration and work should be restarted without lose of time. WAPDA will provide support to District Administration to establish a cell dedicated for land acquisition for Dasu HPP only and should make presence at site more regular by higher officer to deal with District Administration regarding Land Acquisition.  

  • The modified integrated PC-I of Dasu HPP as per directions of the ECNEC meeting dated Feb 12, 2014 was submitted to P&D on March 05, 2014 for approval from ECNEC.

  • The proposal of DHC for amendment in Assignment-A of Consultancy Contract Agreement alongwith time extension till June 30, 2014 has been submitted to the World Bank for NOL on March 13, 2014.

  • The Evaluation Report of Pre-qualified Contractors for KKH-01 & RAR-01 and Project Colony (PCI-01) has been submitted to the World Bank for NOL on March 14, 2014.

  • Chief Engineer/PD, Dasu HPP visited Dasu site from March 18 to 25, 2014. During the visit, Chief Engineer/PD had meetings with DC, Kohistan and Jirgas with local affectees regarding land acquisition and stoppage of work at Dasu site. In result of said meetings, the work at River Bed Drilling and Land Survey on Left Bank has been started. However, work of Adit & land Survey of Right bank in Seo area is suspended till Jirga on April 02, 2014. Location for Vocational Training Centre on Left Bank selected and report submitted to DC, Kohistan for issuance of Section-4.

  • As per directions of General Manager (Hydro) Planning, the Addl. Director (Technical), Dasu HPP visited Islamabad from March 18 to 21, 2014 to attend the meetings of Senate Standing Committee and PD&R Division regarding Dasu HPP.

  • A meeting was held on March 20, 2014 in PD&R Division, Islamabad regarding Modified Integrated PC-I of Dasu HPP. The meeting was chaired by Minister for Planning & Development and Reform. It was concluded that PC-I need to be further rationalized and the cost estimates should be prepared with current dollar exchange rate Rs. 100/US$.

  • Subsequently, Rationalized Modified Integrated PC-I in the light of above meeting was submitted on March 24, 2014 for approval of Stage-I from ECNEC.

  • The ECNEC meeting was held on March 28, 2014 in the Cabinet Room of the Prime Minister Office, Islamabad. The meeting was chaired by Mr. Ishaq Dar, Finance Minister, Ministry of Finance, Govt of Pakistan. The ECNEC approved the PC-I of Dasu HPP for Stage-I with Base cost Rs. 374,988.7 Million with FEC Rs. 171,330.90 Million and Project Cost Rs. 486,093.30 Million with FEC Rs. 218,547.50 Million.

  • The contracts for Additional Field Investigations commenced at Dasu HPP site. The detail of progress is as under:


Name of Contractor

Scope of Works

Progress during the month

To-date Progress


Borehole Drilling Investigation Hi-Tech., Engg. Co., Islamabad Borehole BW-01(Power House) = 350 Meter 0.M 351 M Contractor temporary demobilized
Exploratory Adit (AD-03) for Powerhouse on Left Bank of Indus River Hi-Tech., Engg. Co., Islamabad 580 Meter 0.M 520 M Contractor temporary demobilized
River Bed Drilling D&G Section, Tarbela, WAPDA BD-06: 60m
(Starter Dam Axis)
10.80 M 41.00 M BD-06 terminated at 41 M, now shifting on BD-07 is in progress.
BD-07: 100m
(Main Dam Axis)
- -


Incharge of the Project        

Haji M. Farooq Ahmad,

Chief Engineer & PD,

WAPDA, Sunny View, Lahore

Contract No. 0092-42-99202676

Cell No.         0300-4305595