Laboratories & Workshops

Laboratories & Workshops

Following 23 Laboratories & Workshops are there to carry out various practicals directly related to the sphere of duties of the Engineering staff.

Instrumentation and Control/PLC                         Distribution Transformer
Cable Jointing and Testing                                           High Voltage
Electronic Control Circuitry                                    Grid System Operation
Electrical Machines                                                   Meter Testing
Information Technology                                                   Switchgear
Soil & Concrete Testing                                                     Electrical Workshop
Shear & Compression Lab                                          Soil Permeability Lab
Geo Technical                                                                 Concrete Crushing Lab
Proctor Lab                                                                     Mechanical Instrumentation
Welding Workshop  


(Steam Power Plant, Gas Turbine, Grid Network & Analogue)


Electrical, Mechanical and Welding Workshops have been established to carry out various practical training courses directly related to the sphere of duties of the electrical and mechanical craftsmen. These workshops are providing ample opportunities for the craftsmen to do and practice their respective jobs until a superlative degree of skill is achieved. Jobs like drilling, chipping, annealing, tempering, fitting, welding, brazing, milling and turning are practiced in the Mechanical and welding workshops and jobs relating to electrical field including motor winding are performed in the Electrical Workshop. Selected experiments/jobs are also arranged for different courses of Junior Engineers.



Transmission and Distribution Section consists of following Laboratories.

  1. Transformer Lab
  2. Machine Lab
  3. Switch Gear Lab
  4. High Voltage Lab
  5. Cable Jointing & Testing Lab
  6. Electrical Instrumentation Lab
  7. Analogue Simulator Lab
  8. Meter Testing Lab
  9. New Grid System Operation Lab



  1. Power Plant Simulator
  2. Gas Turbine Simulator
  3. Grid Network Simulator


A simulator is the best-known tool for “On-the-job” training obviating any risk of real plant hazards which are likely to happen if trainees are allowed operations on a real plant. Improved computer techniques are employed in the design of the simulator so as to meet the most sophisticated training and simulator requirements. It presents a complete and accurate simulation of the actual control room circuitry and the operating system, corresponding to the real system specifications.

Teaching the operating personnel how a plant behaves in normal and abnormal modes is the first step on their way to proficiency in operating it. The simulator training is that first vital step towards a comprehension of generic plant operations. Understanding the impact of their actions on day-to day plant operations makes the training more effective because the operating personnel will acquire the ability to see the big picture of where their role fits in overall plant functioning. The result is a more meaningful training experience associated with confidence and competency.

wea simulator

The simulator typically provides the basic knowledge and general theory of plant operations and helps the trainees understand the interaction among the sub-systems. The trainees can get in depth training during normal and emergency procedures that can be suited to any degree of skill from entry level to advanced. A clear-cut exposure of the plant/grid system can thus be achieved. All parameters corresponding to the particular operating conditions are simulated and displayed on the appropriate instruments along with the proper alarm or protective system in action when the pre-determined limits are approached or exceeded.  

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