Location :       Nasirabad, Jaffarabad Districts of Balochistan and Jacobabad, Kambar-Shahdadkot Districts of Sindh                                              
Scope Of Work: To provide the direly needed effluent disposal facilities for existing and proposed drainage projects to reclaim the agricultural land converted in ponds of water due to lack of disposal of storm water and irrigation surplus. Conservation of Hamal and Manchar Lakes and and environment condition will improve over Gross Commanded Area (GCA) of 679,000 Acres.
Executing Agency                                                          WAPDA
Contractor i. M/s Khyber Grace (Pvt.) Ltd, M/s Ayoub Brothers (Pvt.) Ltd, M/s Tameer Associates.
ii. M/s Ramzan & Sons (Pvt.) Ltd (for Balance Work).
Consultant i. M/s National Development Consultants, BARQAAB & EASE-PAK (J.V) (Consultancy Agreement expired on 31.12.2010)
ii. M/s G3 Engineering Consultants (Pvt.) Ltd Lahore in association with BM Consulting Engineers has been mobilized for Balance work of RBOD-I & III Projects.
Commencement Date (Phase-1) July 2004
Completion Date (Phase-1) Nov 2019
Financial Status (Rs. Million) Local Foreign Total
Approved PC-I (07.01.2004) 4,485.200 - 4,485.200
1st Revised PC-I Cost (26.07.2017) 10,804.540 - 10,804.540
PSDP Allocation for 2018-2019
1,600.00 - 1,600.00



  • Work on Hadero Drainage Unit Contract R-III(d/1) terminated by the Authority due to financial crunch.
  • Work on Usta Mohammad Drainage Unit - Contract R-III(d/2) terminated by the Authority due to financial crunch.
  • RBOD Extension from MKZP to Hairdin Pump Station Contract R-III(b) - As per Contract Clause 66.1 of GCC, the Contractor was released from further Performance due to financial crunch.
  • Remodelling of Shahdadkot Main Drain at RD+00 to 58+00 Contract R-III(b/1) has been completed.
  • Arrangement for opening of Syphon No. 02 at Saifullah Magsi Canal – RBOD-III Project Contract No. R-III (b2). Work completed.
  • Balance work of RBOD Extension Drain RD 161+000 to 284+000 Contract R-III(b/3) - Work is in progress. Upto date Progress is 64%.
  • Balance work of Hadero Branch system Contract R-III(d/3) - Contract awarded to the lowest bidder M/s Hasas – Tameer Associates JV.
  • Balance work of Usta Muhammad Drainage system Contract R-III(d/4) - Contract awarded to the lowest bidder M/s Hasas – Tameer Associates JV. 

Physical Progress 87.26%

Incharge of the Project

Engr. Naeem Qadir Mangi
Project Director
RBOD-III Project
Contact No. 0092-71-9310456


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