Muzaffargarh & T.P Link Canal Lining
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Muzaffargarh & T.P Link Canal Lining


Tehsil Kot Addu, District Muzaffargarh, Punjab

Scope of Work
  • The lining of the Muzaffargarh Canal along with drainage system underlining from RD 0+000 to 206+700 (63 Km).
  • Rehabilitation of Existing Structure.
  • Construction of new drainage & rehabilitation of existing drains along T.P.Link.        
Salient Features
  • Length of Canal Linning 63 Km
Project Benefits
  • 35% of the total command area of Muzaffargarh Canal will be rehabilitated and 0.3 million acres lands of Kot Adu will be brought back for cultivation.
  • Increase in per capita income of inhabitants.
  • Living standard of Inhabitants will enhance.
  • Reduction in migration, due to waterlogging.
  • Health of affectees will improve.
  • Education & social activities will enhance.
  • Increase value of land & ensure economic prosperity.
  • Revenue of Government will increase, due to establishment of agro based industry.
  • Water pollution, due to stagnant water will be eliminated.
  • Good quantity water will be available for human beings as well as livestock.
  • Annual benefits Rs. 1.68 Billion per annum.    

Commencement Date (Contract Package MGC-03 & MGC-04)

January 2014
Completion Date (Phase-1) December 2021
Financial Status Local (Rs. Million) FEC (Rs. Million) Total (Rs. Million)
PC-I Cost Approved on 13.09.2013 8,565.000 - 8,565.000
PSDP Allocation for 2018-2019 1,500.000 - 1,500.000


Contract Packages

MGC-02 - Earthwork, Lining of Canal and Rehabilitation of allied

structures RD 39+576 to 100+000.

The bidding process for Contract MCG-02 will be initiated upon approval of 1st Revised PC-I.
MGC-3: Earthwork & PCC Lining with drainage system under lining of Muzaffargarh Canal from RD 100+000 to RD 147+500.  Work awarded in January 2014
Upto date Progress is 97.09%.


  • Physical Progress             49.28% 

1st Revised PC-I amounting to Rs. 16,698.992 Million is under process in MoWR.

Incharge of the Project

Syed Kashif Ali Shah
SE/PD MGC T.P. Link Canal Lining Project

Contact No. 03130000294

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