Naulong Dam

Naulong Dam

Location:  Project is located on Mula River about 30 Km from Gandava Town in Tehsil and District Jhal Magsi Balochistan.

Salient Features
Dam type Zoned Earth Fill Dam  
Height of Dam 186 ft
Length of Dam 2,996 ft
Gross Storage Capacity 242,163 AF
Live Storage Capacity 199,956 AF
CCA 47,000 Acres  
Power Generation 4.4 MW.
Execution by Water and Power Development Authority (WAPDA)  
Supervision Consultants Consortium of M/s PES-ACE-BARQAAB-DMC (JV)


Commencement Date


Completion Date

36 months after commencement

Financial status Local (Rs. Millions) FEC (Rs. Millions) Total (Rs. Million)
Original PC-I Cost 11,669.000                  - 11,699.000
1st revised PC-I Cost 18,027.091                   -  18,027.091
PSDP allocation Fy 2018-19 1,800.00                   -  1,800.00



•   Feasibility Study and Detailed Engineering Design completed in 2009.
•   The funding arrangement of the project is yet to be decided by the Government whether it will be funded through PSDP or ADB.
•   ADB desired updation of Project studies/documents as per ADB guideline by WAPDA and ownership for execution of Command Area Development                  component by Govt. of Balochistan.
•  In order to secure the financing of the Project, WAPDA updated ADB studies but financing through ADB could not proceed further due to non-response of        GoB regarding implementation of their own component (Command Area Development).
•  Irrigation Dept:, GoB has requested MoWR on 19.09.2018 for issuing instructions to WAPDA for handing over the documents of various Projects including        Naulong Dam for implementation at their end.


Incharge of the Project:              Bashir Ahmed Hisbani

                                                             Project Director


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