Rainee Canal Project
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Rainee Canal Project

Location: Off takes from the Left Bank of River Indus Upstream of Guddu Barrage and flows in Ghotki, Sukkur and Khairpur districts of the province of Sindh.
 Salient   Features

Length of Main Canal: 175 km
(Phase-I 110 km)
Canal Capacity: 5,155 cusecs
Length of Branches Distributaries and Minors: 609 km(Phase-I 128 km)
Command Area: 412,400 acres (Phase-I 113,690 acres)

Scope of Work To provide seasonal/flood irrigation supplies up to 5,155 cusecs to 412,400 acres of Rainee track of Nara Region for agriculture and storage lakes. It would include construction 175 km of Main Canal and 609 km lined distributaries/minor along with allied structures.
Execution by WAPDA
Consultants M/s BARQAAB Consulting Services (Pvt) Ltd. (Phase-I)
 Contractors M/s Friends Eng. Co., Ramzan & Sons, DESCON, SMC & SKB-KNK JV
 Commencement   Date October 2002
Completion Date 

June 2014 (Phase I)

Financial Status(Rs. Million) Local  Foreign Total (Rs. Million)
Original PC-I   Cost (18.02.2004) 18,862.00 - 18,862.00

PC-I Phase-I Cost (under process)

20,533.000 - 20,533.000
PSDP Allocation for 2019-2020                                                              500.00 - 500.00

Physical Progress 100%  Completed




  • The Revised PC-I amounting to Rs. 43,986 Million (Phase-I Rs.20,473 Million & Phase-II Rs. 23,513 Million) submitted to Ministry of Water & Power Islamabad on 20.02.2014 for obtaining approval of ECNEC.
  • Special Secretary Irrigation Department, GoS vide letter dated 11.07.2018 informed that at present NOC/concurrence for the execution of Phase-II works of Rainee Canal Project is not manageable on rationale grounds.
  • Following unwillingness of the Irrigation Department, GoS for implementation of Phase-II, 1st Revised PC-I (Phase-I) amounting to Rs. 20,534 million to cover expenditure already incurred and to be incurred to clear outstanding liabilities of the Project and to carry out rehabilitation (O&M) works submitted to Ministry of Water Resources on 03.05.2019 for approval of competent forum.
  • During the meeting held on 03.06.2019, co-chaired by Chief Secretary, GoS, and Secretary, MoWR, Chief Secretary concluded that Irrigation Department, GoS may take over the completed works (Phase-I) of Project and carryout rehabilitation works from the funds to be provided by WAPDA after approval of PC-I by ECNEC.
  • Ministry of Water Resources vide letter dated 22.10.2019 has forwarded 1st revised PC-I (Phase-I) of Rainee Canal Project to the Planning Commission for placing the same before CDWP.
  • The rehabilitation / O&M works will be carried out by Irrigation Department GoS from the funds to be provided by WAPDA, after approval of the 1st Revised PC-I of Phase-I by ECNEC.
  •  WAPDA vide letter dated 03.02.2020 has requested Secretary, MoWR to approach MoPD&SI to expedite the approval of revised PC-I so that Rainee Canal could be handed over to Irrigation Deptt., GoS at the earliest.


Incharge of the Project

           Mir Ahmed Bajkani

           Superintending Engineer/ Project Director

           Rainee Canal Project

           Contact No. 0092-0722-679413

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