Rainee Canal Project

Rainee Canal Project


Off-takes from Left Bank of River Indus up-stream of Guddu Barrage, the project located in Ghotki Sukkur and Khairpur Districts of Sindh Province.

Project Location Map:

The scheme of the project is shown as under:

Rainee Canal Map
Scope of Work:  The total length of main canal is 175 Kms with a discharge capacity of 5,155 cusecs. About 609 Kms lined distribution system along with 296 major structures and 1126 minor structures will also be constructed under the project.


Project Benefits:
  1. Better utilization of flood water ensuring greater supply of water to Sindh.
  2. Better flood mitigation and aversion of losses to property.
  3. Irrigation of 412,400 acres of barren land.
  4. Cropping intensity during Kharif would increase from 0% to 80% in initial five years.
  5. Improved Forestry & Fruit Production.
  6. Development of cattle breeding, dairy farming.
  7. Drinking water for Arid Zone.
  8. Social uplift and poverty alleviation.
  9. Environmental improvement due to charging of lakes.
  10. Development of fish farming to the extent of 258 tons annually. Development of transportation routes in project area.
  11. Creation of job opportunity and alleviation of Poverty.
Salient Features

Main features of the project are as under:


Canal Capacity

5155 Cusecs


Command Area

412,400 Acres


Canal Length

175 KMs


Lined Portion of Canal

120 KMs


Distribution System

609 KMs


Lakes Storage

276,000 Aft


Project Cost

18.862 Billion


 Revised Project Cost (yet not Approved)

43,986 Biilion




Length of Canal Lining

120 Kms

Commencement Date October , 2002
Completion Date

Phase-I   June, 2014 (Actual)

Phase-II  June, 2018 (Proposed)

Financial Status

Local (Rs. Million)

FEC (Rs.Million)

Total (Rs. Million)

PC-I Cost Approved 18,862 - 18,862
PSDP Allocation for 2017-18 01 -  01


Phase-I, (Reach-I) from Head regulator to RD 363 of the project has been completed, for Phase-II concurrence of Irrigation department Government of Sindh is awaited.


Incharge of the Project:


              (AIJAZ HUSSAIN MEMON)

              SE/Project Director,

              Rainee Canal Project, WAPDA,

              Officer’s Bachelor Hostel T.P.S Colony Guddu




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