Mirani Dam

Mirani Dam


Location  On river Dasht, about 40 Km West of Turbat, District Kech, Baluchistan
Salient Features

Height of Dam

Gross Storage

Length of Dam

Live Storage

Length of Canals

Command Area


127 ft

0.302 MAF

3080 ft

0.152 MAF

RB 13.5 miles

LB 11.3 miles

33,200 Acres


Consultants M/s NEAC JV of NESPAK, ACE BB&V and MWH
Contraorct M/s Mirani Dam J/V (DESCON, Sarwar & Co.  Izhar Construction)
Executing Agency Water and Power Development Authority (WAPDA)
Commencement Date 08-07-2002
Completion Date June 2007
Financial Status (Rs. Million) Local Foreign Total
Approved PC-I Cost (28.02.02) 3,514.000 2,297.000 5,811.000
Upto-date Expenditure 5267.890 - 5267.890

Progress Completed

Comments / Issues:-

Irrigation system handed over to I&P Department Govt. of Baluchistan on 07.02.2008 alongwith office / residential accommodation, vehicles, office equipments and survey equipments etc.
Irrigation Department did not take over the dam due to the reasons that (a) WAPDA is responsible for O&M of dam as per approved PC-I and (b) Additional Spillway should be constructed to restrict the back flow up to 264ft El, so that the losses to the upstream riparian can be minimized.

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