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Kachhi Canal Project


Districts: Muzaffar Garh, D.G.Khan & Rajanpur of Punjab.

Districts: Dera Bugti, Naseerabad, Bolan & Jhal Magsi of Balochistan.

Kachhi Canal 3
Scope of Work The main objective of the Project is to provide sustainable irrigation water supply to 7,13,000 acres of agricultural land so as to increase agricultural production and uplift the socio economic condition of the inhabitants. However, a cultureable command area is reduced to 72,000 acres of Phase-I (Part A&B) of Distt: Dera Bugti.
Project Benefits ● Irrigation supplies for 72,000 acres new fertile area on RHS of Pat Feeder Canal.
● Employment opportunities
● Increase in the value of land
● Increase in exports and foreign exchange earning.
● Reduction in migration from Project to Urban areas.
● Increase in revenue to the Government.
● Enhanced production of food grain and oilseeds.
● Availability of drinking Water.
● Cropping intensity shall increase from existing 4% to 80%.
● Agricultural benefits are estimated to be Rs. 5 Billion per year.
Length of Canal Lining 351 Km
Salient Features

 Total Length of main Canal (Phase-I) 363 Km

a. Canal in Punjab 282 Km
b. Canal in Balochistan 81 Km.


a. Major 195 Nos.

b. Minor 779 Nos.
Commencement Date 04.10.2002 (As per PC-I)
Completion Date 31.08.2017 (Phase-I)
Financial Status Local (Rs. Million) FEC (Rs. Million) Total (Rs. Million)
Approved PC-I Cost  
Original PC-I Cost 31,204.00 0 31,204.00
1st Revised PC-I Cost 57,562.00 0 57,562.00
2nd Revised PC-I Cost  80,352.00 0 80,352.00
PSDP Allocation (FY 2017-18)  10000 0 10000
Status  Punjab Province (Part-A)
● Contract KC-01, KC-2, KC-3 & KC-4A completed.
● Contract KC-04 (95.32%)
● Contract KC-04B (69.34%)
● Contract KC-05, KC-5A(R), KC-5(B) & KC-5(C) completed, KC-05(D) 97.41%
 Balochistan Province (Part-A)
● Contract KC-6A(R), KC-6A(2R), KC-6A(3R) & KC-6C(1R) Completed.
 Balochistan Province (Part-B)
● Contract KC-6B (1R) 100%
● Physical Progress Phase-I (Part-A) = 97.86% (RD 0 to RD 1126)
● Physical Progress Phase-I (Part-B) = 100% (RD 1126 to RD 1193)
● Overall Finacnial Progress = 80.25%


Phase-1 part-A and part-B [KC-06B(1R)] has substantially been completed

1). Inauguration Ceremony to release water into Kachhi Canal from Head Regulator at Taunsa Barrage has been performed by chairman Wapda on 31.08.2017.

2). Inauguration Ceremony to release water into distribution system in Balochistan has been performed by Honorable Prime Minister of Pakistan on 14.09.2017.

Incharge Of The Project      

          Chief Engineer/PD

          Kachhi Canal Project