Darawat Dam Project

Darawat Dam Project

Location: On Nai Baran River near Jhangri village located at about 70 km West of Hyderabad and 135 km North East of Karachi in Thatta / Jamshoro Districts of Sindh, Province
Salient Features
Dam Type Concrete Gravity Dam
Height of Dam 151 ft
Gross Storage Capacity 121,600 AF
Live Storage Capacity 89,200 AF
CCA 25,000 Acres
Execution by (WAPDA) Water And Power Development Authority
Supervision Consultants M/s National Development Consultants & M/s CAMEOsS (Joint Venture)      
Contractor M/s Sinohydro Corporation Ltd. (China)
Commencement Date June 2010
Completion Date August 2014
Financial Status Local (Rs. Million) FEC (Rs. Million) Total (Rs. Million)
Approved PC-I Cost  3,175.00 - 3,175.00
1st Revised PC-I Cost (16.08.2012) 9,300.00 - 9,300.00
2nd Revised PC-I Cost (22.05.2018)


1980.05 11,767.870
PSDP Allocation FY 2018-2019 2,366.00 - 2,366.00



  • Irrigation Department GoS issued a Notification dated 11.10.2018 to take over the Irrigation System of Darawat Dam Project and capacity building to streamline taking over of Darawat Dam by the Sindh Irrigation Department.
  • Accordingly, the Irrigation System has been taken over by the Irrigation Department, GoS on 27.10.2018, whereas the Dam is still with WAPDA until the capacity building of Irrigation staff.

Physical Progress Completed

Incharge of the Project

           Mr. Lutfullah Sheikh

           Project Director, Darawat Dam Project

           Contact No. 0092-22-9260522

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