Chashma Right Bank Canal Project (Lift-Cum-Gravity)

Chashma Right Bank Canal Project (Lift-Cum-Gravity)

The proposed project is located on the right bank of Indus River in D.I. Khan District, KP.
Salient Features
Feeder Canal    chashma
  • Capacity
2613 Cusecs
  • Length
39 Miles
Pumping Station  
  • Capacity
2533 Cusecs  
  • Lift
64 Ft  
Pumping Units 8 Units  
Capacity 6x353 cfs & 2x212 cfs  
Type Vertical mixed flow pump  
Main Canal (Gravity)    
  • Capacity
2,533 Cusecs
  • Length
73 Miles
  • Command Area
286,100 Acres  
  • Total Water Requirement
1.187 MAF  
  25 Nos.  
  • Length
167 Miles  
  • Length of Minors
102 Miles  
Scope of Work Review of Feasibility Study, Preparation of Detailed Engineering Design, Bidding Documents & PC-I
Consultants M/s NESPAK (JV Lead Firm),M/s ACE, M/s SILT and M/s ECPAK
Execution by WAPDA
Commencement Date July, 2021 
Completion Date  March, 2022 (As per contract agreement)
September, 2022 (EOT submitted for approval of Authority)
Financial Status (Rs. Million) Local Foreign Total
Original PC-II Cost 477.853 - 477.853
PSDP Allocation for 2022-2023 213.926 - 213.926


  • Feasibility Study was completed with Japanese financial assistance by Government of KP (the then NWFP) in March 1995.
  • MoWR vide letter dated 24.04.2020 (received on 11.06.2020) conveyed the directions of MoPD&SI wherein it was decided that GoKP will hand over the project data to WAPDA for feasibility study, detailed design and execution of the project. Further, it was decided that WAPDA will prepare the TORs for updation of feasibility study & PC-I, carry out the study of hydro variability, techno economic indicators, financial arrangement & power generation alternatives through quality international consultants.
  • DDWP meeting held on 10.08.2020 wherein project was approved at a cost of Rs. 477.853 Million.
  • Consultancy Services awarded on 28.06.2021 to JV comprising of M/s NESPAK (Lead Firm), M/s ACE, M/s SILT and M/s ECPAK

Physical Progress of Study 79.00%

In charge Project
Engr. Nazakat Hussain
General Manager (Hydro) Planning
Contact No. 0092-42-99202717

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