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Monday, 09 January 2017 15:19

Chinot DAM Project

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The dam site is located about 176 km downstream Marala Headworks and about 5 km from the Chiniot City and approximately 100 meter up stream of existing
Railway Bridge on Chenab River.
Salient Features
Dam Type Homogeneous earthfill
Height of Dam 55 ft
Gross Storage Capacity 1.0 MAF
Live Storage Capacity 1.0 MAF
Power Generation 69 MW
Execution by Feasibility Study will be carried out by WAPDA
Donor Agency Rs. 50 million to be provided by GoP through PSDP and         Rs. 96.330 million to be funded by WAPDA from its own resources.
Commencement Date January, 2016
Completion Date Study Period: 12 months
Financial Status Local (Rs. Million) FEC (Rs. Million) Total  (Rs. Million)
Original PC-I Cost


- 146.330
PSDP Allocation FY 2015-16 50.000 - 50.000

-  CDWP in its meeting held on 04.03.2015 approved the project at a cost of Rs.146.330 million to carryout Feasibility study of the Project from in house resources of WAPDA.

-  Desk study is in progress.

Incharge of the Project:-

General Manager (Hydro) Planning

Installation of Pilot Treatment Plant Along RBOD System

  1. Project Background

Pakistan's economic potential is unlimited due to its strong agricultural base, human resource, its climate and geographic position but water might be one serious bottleneck to its growth. Therefore, we need a paradigm shift and should focus on water conservation and management approach to fulfill the needs of growing population.

Considering water scarcity in the Country, the Drainage Effluent of Right Bank Command Area of Sukkur and Guddu Barrages is about 750,000 acres ft. which should not be wasted or disposed of unutilized into the sea/ lake. It has to be used as such or after treatment for drinking, agriculture, fisheries or other economical uses.

In recognition of this need, WAPDA under the directions of the President of Pakistan carried out Feasibility Studies through Consultants during Year 2009 and 2010  for treatment and reuse of RBOD effluent.

In the feasibility study, the Consultants proposed installation of Treatment Plants along RBOD system so that the hazardous base flow of RBOD Effluent can be treated for its various uses. As first step, a Pilot Treatment Plant at RD + 93 of MNVD (RBOD) will be installed. Location map of the Pilot Project site attached vide (Figure-I).    

During a presentation on May 18, 2010 at Karachi, the President of Pakistan appreciated the initiatives introduced by WAPDA regarding water conservation strategy through reutilization plan for RBOD effluent and approved the plan for Installation of Pilot Treatment Plant Project. PC-1 of the Project prepared by WAPDA was approved by the ECNEC in its meeting held on 26.05.2011 at the rationalized cost of Rs 3353.373 Million subject to availability of foreign funding.

  1. Salient Features 
  • Project Location Plant will be installed on left side of MNVD

                                                                            at RD + 93 in Johi Tehsil of District Dadu

  • Type of Plant                                                      Pellet Extraction + RO
  • Design Capacity                                                            40 (+ 15%) cusecs
  • Area to be benefited                                          10,984 acres
  • Access Road                                                      6.25 miles
  • Link Channels                                                   49,600 ft.
  • Structures

·         Cross Drainage Culverts                            25 Nos.

·         Aqueduct                                                       01 No.

·         Culverts across Link Channels                 06 Nos.

·         Water Distribution Tank                              01 No.

  • Electricity Network                                             15 km long HT Line
  • Project Cost                                                   Rs. 3353.373 M
  • Project Annual Benefits                                 Rs. 643.680 M
  • Project Annual O&M Cost                             Rs. 237.000 M
  • B/C Ratio                                                             1.18 : 1
  • EIRR                                                                    15.06%
  1. Project Objectives/Benefits


  • Provide 28958 Acre ft of water for irrigation of 10,984 acres of land.
  • Availability of 20 lac gallons per day of potable water for about 05 lac of local populace residing in Dadu, Johi Towns and adjoining villages of Project area.
  • Extraction of salts as byproduct which covers about 50-60% of the O&M cost.
  • Conservation of Ecology of Manchar Lake by treating hazardous effluent of RBOD.
  • Socio-economic uplift and poverty reduction.

4.         Updated Progress



Ø  The Consultants have completed the Evaluation Report of 1st Stage Bids for EPC Contract for Installation of Pilot Treatment Plant submitted by pre-qualified Bidders which is under process for approval by competent authority. However, further tendering process has been withheld due to non-availability of requisite funds and observations of Ministry of Planning, Development & Reforms (MPD&R), Islamabad in May 2014 regarding implementation of the Project by WAPDA in the post 18th Constitutional Amendment scenario.

  • WAPDA’s view point on the observations of Ministry of Planning, Development and Reforms and clear stance of GOS regarding implementation of the Project by WAPDA stands furnished to Ministry of Planning, Development and Reforms, Islamabad through Ministry of Water & Power, Islamabad. However, the matter is yet to be resolved since the consultative meeting scheduled on 03.07.2015 in Ministry of Planning, Development and Reforms, Islamabad has been postponed besides only Rs 01 Million has been allocated for the Project under PSDP 2015-16 against WAPDA’s demand of Rs 2200 Million.
  • The Consultants have also submitted the Draft Tender Documents for Infrastructure Development Component works (Access Road, Irrigation, Water Supply & Electricity Networks etc.). However, the tendering process has not been initiated due to
    non-availability of requisite funds for the main EPC Contract.
  • The construction of camp colony and offices for the Pilot Project has been completed. The land acquisition process for the land required for Pilot Treatment Plant has been initiated and Gazette Notification under Section-4, 6 and 17 of Land Acquisition Act issued.

Ø  The treatment and re-use of RBOD effluent by installing Treatment Plants along RBOD is one of proposed solutions submitted to Honourable Supreme Court of Pakistan in Suo Moto Case No.10 of 2010 to address issue of contamination of water of Manchar Lake. However, during hearing of Suo Moto Case on 18-08-2015 the Honourable Court directed Secretary Planning, Development & Reforms Islamabad to submit revise Plan immediately to address the issue. Accordingly, the Secretary Ministry of Planning Development & Reforms Islamabad submitted a revised plan. Subsequently, the Honourable Court in their Order dated 17-09-2015 mentioned that “insofar as installation of the treatment plant on the RBOD is concerned, we have been informed that this project has been abandoned due to a massive funding issue.”

Ø  WAPDA has requested to Ministry of Water & Power, Islamabad for obtaining advice from Ministry of Planning, Development & Reforms, Islamabad regarding future course of action to be adopted in the matter.







Location: The proposed Winder  Dam  Project  is situated  across Winder River 125 km from Karachi,66 km from Uthal and 25 km from Winder Town; in Lasbela District of Balochistan Province.

Salient Features
Dam Type Earth Core Rock Fill Dam
Height of Dam 102 Ft
Gross Storage 36,484 Acre ft
Live Storage 36,167 Acre ft
CCA 10,000 Acres
Power Generation 0.3 MW (will be developed under PPP mode)
Execution by WAPDA
Donor Agency Ministry of Water & Power (MOWP) Government of Pakistan (GOP).
Commencement Date Yet to be started
Completion Date Within  3 years after Commencement
Financial status Local (Rs. Millions) FEC (Rs. Millions) Total(Rs. Millions)
Original PC-I Cost (03.09.2009) 1695.770 - 1695.770
1st Revised PC-I Cost (under process) 12904.520 - 12904.520
PSDP Allocation  2016-17 5.000 - 5.000


Physical Progress:

          The physical activities at site not started.

Incharge of the Project:  

          Mr. Umar Tariq Khoso, Project Director (Additional Charge)
          Street 1/5 Block “U” North Nazimabad Karachi
          Telephone No.021-36630290

Location:  Project is located on Mula River about 30 Km from Gandava Town in Tehsil and District Jhal Magsi Balochistan.

Salient Features
Dam type Zoned Earth Fill Dam  
Height of Dam 186 ft
Gross Storage Capacity 242,163 AF
Live Storage Capacity 199,956 AF
CCA 47,000 Acres  
Power Generation 4.4 MW.
Execution by Water and Power Development Authority (WAPDA)  
Supervision Consultants Consortium of M/s PES-ACE-BARQAAB-DMC (JV)


Commencement Date


Completion Date


Financial status Local (Rs. Millions) FEC (Rs. Millions) Total (Rs. Million)
Original PC-I Cost 10,373.820           1,326.000 11,699.820
1st revised PC-I Cost 18,027.091                   -  18,027.091
PSDP allocation Fy 2017-18 100.00                   -  100.00



  • 2nd Revised PC-I amounting to Rs. 26,546.662 million for construction of Naulong Dam Project submitted to Planning Commission was discussed in CDWP meeting held on 14-01-2016. The decision of the above said meeting conveyed on 04-05-2016 is as under " The concept of the project was cleared and sponsors were directed to approach EAD for exploring avenues of financing for the project. However , WAPDA may also explore financing arrangements for the project outside PSDP". Funding Arrangements.
  • The financing of the project through ADB is under process.


Incharge of the Project:              Bashir Ahmed Hisbani

                                                             Project Director





The project is located across Kurram river in North Waziristan Agency about 9 miles upstream of Kurram Garhi Headworks and 19 miles North of Bannu City in Federally Administrated Tribal Area (FATA).

  Salient Features  
  • Dam Height
  • Gross Storage
  • Live Storage
  • Installed Capacity
  • 322 ft
  • 1.20 MAF
  • 0.90 MAF
  • 83.4 MW (350 GWh)

New Command Area

84,380 acres (Sheratalla Plain 12,300 acres, Spaira Rogha Plain 4,080 acres, Thal Plain 68,000 acres)

  Supplementing Existing System of Civil & Marwat Canal 107,500} 170,000} 277,500 acres


Kaitu Weir Diversion Works and its allied structures are planned to be constructed across, Kaitu River, which is located near Spinwam, at a distance of 28 KM from Mirali Tehsil H.Q. of North Waziristan Agency.

  Salient Features of Stage-I  
  • Kaitu Weir Height     
  • Feeder Tunnel Discharge Capacity
  • Spaira Ragha Canal (CCA)
  • Sheratalla Canal (CCA) 
  • Installed Capacity

18 ft

633.4 cusecs

4,080 acres

12,300 acres

18.9 MW

  Commencement Date (Stage-I) Not yet Commenced
  Completion Date 33 Months after commencement

Engineering Design Consultants

M/s Pakistan Engineering Services JV                  


Supervision Consultants

M/s MM Pakistan Joint Venture

Financial Status Local (Rs. Million) FEC (Rs. Million) Total (Rs. Million)  
Approved PC-I Stage-I (06.03.2014) 12,663.000 - 12,663.000  
PSDP Allocation 2014-2015 100.000 1,900.000 2,000.000  
Upto date Expenditure 406.483 - 406.483  


  • Feasibility Study, Detailed Engineering Design and Tender Documents of the project completed in March, 2005. The project was redesigned in July 2007 with an increased height to enhance the storage capacity.
  • WAPDA has materialized the financing of Stage-I (Kaitu Weir & Irrigation and Power Project) of Kurram Tangi Dam Project with USAID with the initial investment of US$ 81 million.
  • Bidding for construction of Stage-I on ICB basis is in progress.