Kurram Tangi Dam

Kurram Tangi Dam


The project is located across Kurram river in North Waziristan Agency about 14 KMs upstream of Kurram Garhi Headworks and 32KMs North of Bannu City in Federally Administrated Tribal Area (FATA).

Salient Features


·         Dam Height

·         Gross Storage

·         Live Storage

·         Installed Capacity

·         322 ft

·         1.20 MAF

·         0.90 MAF

·         83.4 MW (350 GWh)

New Command Area (84,380 acres)

 (Sheratalla Canal 12,300 acres, Spaira Ragha Canal 4,080 acres, Thal Canal 68,000 acres)

Supplementing Existing Civil & Marwat Canals

107,500} 170,500}

278,000 acres


Kaitu Weir Works and its allied structures are to be constructed across, Kaitu River, which is located near Spinwam, 28 KM from Mirali Tehsil H.Q. of North Waziristan Agency.

Salient Features of Stage-I


·         Kaitu Weir Height     

·         Feeder Tunnel Discharge Capacity

·         Spaira Ragha Canal (CCA)

·         Sheratalla Canal (CCA) 

·         Installed Capacity

18 ft

633.4 cusecs


4,080 acres

12,300 acres

18.9 MW

Commenc. Date (Stage-I)

July 2016

Completion Date

April 2019

Supervision Consultants

M/s MM Pakistan – PES - DMC Joint Venture                  

Project Contractors

M/s FWO-DESCON Joint Venture                  

Financial Status

Local (Rs. Million)

FEC (Rs. Million)

Total (Rs. Million)  

Approved Revised PC-I Stage-I (22.04.2016)




PSDP Allocation 2017-2018





Progress / Status of Stage-I   

·         WAPDA has materialized the financing of Stage-I (Kaitu Weir & Irrigation and Power Project) with USAID funding of US$ 81 million and Italian Cooperation of US$ 45 Million for Command Area Development to be executed by FATA Sectt:

·         Contract Agreement signed on 07.06.2016 and Engineer’s Order to Commence issued on 14.06.2016.

·         Physical progress of the project is 16.71%

·         Financial progress of the project is 15.23%


Progress / Status of Stage-II  

·         PC-I of Stage-II amounting to Rs. 73,286.38 submitted to Ministry of Water & Power on 03.04.2017.

Incharge of the Project

Mr. Masood Ali, Project Director, Kurram Tangi Dam Project,

House No. 37, Defense Officers Colony, Bannu Cantt: Bannu.

Phone No. 0928-622108. Fax No. 0928-622109.

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