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The dam site was identified on Indus river 95 km downstream of Skardu city and 645 Km from Islamabad. The powerhouse site is to be located 15 km downstream of dam site and 630 Km from Islamabad.


  • Generation Capacity2,800 MW
  • Drainage Area114,200 Km2
  • Average Flow990 m3/s
  • Dam Height 140 m
  • Head Water Level1,920 m
  • Tail Water Level1,796 m
  • Length of Power Tunnel12.1 km
  • Gross Head238 m
  • Net Head211 m
  • Design Discharge1,500 m3/s
  • Annual Energy11,400 GWh
  • Plant Factor45.8%


  • The project was identified by MECO under CIDA grant during 1984 for a capacity of 710 MW.
  • The capacity has been upgraded 2800 MW by HPO, WAPDA.
    • PC-II amounting to Rs. 734.287 Million for Feasibility Study of Yulbo Hydropower Project submitted to Ministry of Water and Power on 18.07.2014.
    • Ministry of Water & Power returned the PC-II in April 2016 for cost updating, confirmation of financing source, and priority of project in consultation with Govt. of Gilgit Baltistan.
    • PC-II has been updated for an amount of Rs. 971.795 million and will be submitted to MoW&P after firming up of financing.