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Mohmand Dam Hydropower Project


 This project is proposed to be constructed on Swat River about 5 km upstream Munda Head Works in Muhammand Agency FATA, Khyber  Pakhtunkhwa
 Salient Features
 Dam Type  Concrete faced rockfill
 Height of Dam  700 ft
 Storage Capacity  1.293 MAF         
 Live Storage Capacity   0.676 MAF       
 CCA  16,737 Acres
 Power Generation

 800 MW

 Execution by  WAPDA
 Donor Agency  Rs.122.860 million by GoP and Rs. 815 million by afd
 Commencement Date  June, 2012
 Completion Date  September, 2016
 Financial Status Local (Rs. Million) FEC (Rs. Million) Total (Rs. Million)
 Original PC-I Cost 122.860 815.000 937.960
 PSDP Allocation Fy 2015-16 5.000 200.000

205.000 (Request for 

additional allocation

amounting to Rs.600 

million for FY 2016-17

has been submitted to




  Detailed Engineering Design and Preparation of PC-1 & Tender Documents is in progress

Incharge Of The Project      General Manager (Hydro) Planning