Diamer Basha Dam
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Diamer Basha Dam


On Indus River near Chilas (Khyber Pakhtunkhwa & Gilgit-Baltistan), 315 km u/s from Tarbela Dam, and about 40 km downstream of Chilas Town.

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Salient Features
  • Dam Type

Roller Compacted Concrete (RCC)  Diamir Basha
  • Height of Dam
272 meters
  • Spillways
14.Nos Gate   (11.5m x 16.24m)
  • Gross Storage
8.10 MAF (10 BCM)
  • Live Storage
6.40 MAF (7.9 BCM)
  • Installed Capacity

4,500 MW

12, each turbine of 375 MW

  • Annual Energy
18,097 GWh

Execution by

Consultant -
Contractor -
Commencement Date -                                                                                                        
Completion Date 9 Years after commencement
Financial Status (Rs. Million) Local Foreign Total
PC-I (Dam Part) 14.11.2018 325,686.000 154,000.000 479,686.000
PSDP Allocation 2019-2020 16,000.000 - 16,000.000
Revised PC-I (Land Acquisition and Resettlement) 02.03.2015  101,372.000  - 101,372.000
PSDP Allocation 2019-2020 4,000.000 - 4,000.000


  • Preliminary works Progress

Construction of Project Colony, Model Village at Harpan Das, Right Bank Periphery Roads, CBMs (Confidence Building Measures), and Valley Roads are in progress.

  • Acquisition of Land

The CDWP recommended the 2nd Revised PC-I (AL&R) to ECNEC at the rationalized cost of Rs. 164.000 Billion without FEC in the CDWP meeting held on 01.01.2020.

  • Diamer Basha Dam Development Company (Pvt.) Ltd.

Certificate of Incorporation issued by SECP on January 15, 2019. 1st meeting of Board of Directors held on 19.11.2019; hence the operation of the company has commenced.

  •  Procurement of Consultancy Services for Construction Supervision

Consultants for Review of Evaluation of Prequalification Applications, Review / Preparation of Bidding Documents and Evaluations of Bids for Main Works MW-1 appointed w.e.f. 30.11.2018 and extended up to 30.11.2019.
Technical and Financial evaluation for Consultancy Services for Construction Design, Construction Supervision & Contract Administration of Main Dam has been completed. On the recommendations of the Procurement Committee, BOD of Diamer Basha Development Company (DBDC) Pvt. Ltd. in its meeting held on 20.12.2019 approved the Award of Consultancy Services Contract to M/s DBCG for a period of 120 months. WAPDA Authority ratified the BOD decision on 31.01.2020. Commencement of Consultancy Services is expected shortly.

  • Procurement of Contractors for Contract MW-1 (Main Works)

NIT for Dam Part (MW-I) was published on 02.06.2019 with an extended submission date of 21.08.2019.
The Technical Proposals of the 02 Bidders / JVs have been evaluated by NESPAK (the Consultant) thereby declaring M/s Power China-FWO JV as only a responsive bidder.
On the recommendations of the Procurement Committee, BOD of DBDC (Pvt.) Ltd. on 30.12.2019 approved the Technical Evaluation Report and Opening of Financial bid of Responsive Bidder. BOD (DBDC) during the 6th meeting held on 04.03.2020, approved the award of Contract MW-1 Dam Part (Civil Works) and Tangir Hydropower Works to M/s PowerChina-FWO JV. WAPDA Authority on 05.03.2020 ratified the BOD decision. The Contract Agreement is expected to be signed in April 2020.

Incharge of the Project

Mr. Muhammad Yousaf
Project Director (DBDP)
Contact No. 0092-5812-920209




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