Golen Gol Hydropower Project
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Golen Gol Hydropower Project

On Golen Gol River, a major tributary of Mastuj River in the District Chitral of KP.
Salient Features
  • Weir Height
12 m  
  • Head Race Tunnel Length
3.8 km
  • Gross Head
436 m
  • Design Discharge
30 m3/sec
  • Installed Capacity
108 MW 
  • Objectives
To Generate Electricity
  • Annual Energy
442 GWh  

Execution by

Consultants JV of M/s Fichtner Germany (Lead Firm), M/s PES Pakistan, M/s BAK Pakistan & M/s DMC Pakistan



Lot-3.2 M/s Andritz Consortium, Austria

Lot-4 (Package-I)  M/s NETRACON-NEIE/HOLLEY,                             (Package-II) M/s NETRACON Consortium

Commencement Date February 2011                                                                             
Completion Date

January 2018

(1st Unit Commercial operation started)

Financial Status (Rs. Million) Local Foreign Total
Approved PC-I Cost (02.09.2002) 4,397.008 2,638.120 7,035.128
1ST Revised PC-I Cost (30.09.2016) 18,397.288 10,679.885 29,077.173
PSDP Allocation 2019-2020 1,485.000 500.000 1,985.000

Lot-1 O&M Colony

(Contract Cost Rs. 149.726 Million) through PSDP





Overall Physical Progress 100%.


Unit-1 commissioned on 23.01.2018.

All compulsory tests have been completed and currently Unit-1 is in operation and generating 2.75 MW

Unit 2 & 3 are ready for commercial operation on availability of required discharge

Lot-2 Civil Works (Contract Cost Rs.7,521 Million) financed by Saudi Fund for Development (SFD)

Lot-3.1 Civil Works of Powerhouse

(Contract Cost Rs.1,912 Million) financed by Kuwait Fund for Development (KFD)

Lot-3.2 E&M Works (Contract Cost Rs.5,650 Million) financed by Kuwait Fund for Development (KFD)

Lot-4 Transmission Line (Contract Cost Rs.4,897 Million) financed by OPEC Fund for International Development (OFID)

Package-I Cost Rs. 3,441 Million

Package-II Cost Rs. 1,456 Million

  • Physical Progress              Completed

*2nd Revised PC-I amounting to Rs. 38,226.450 million has been prepared and will be submitted to MoWR shortly.

Incharge of the Project

Mr. Abdul Qadeer Qureshi      
CE/PD Golen Gol HPP
Contact No. 0092-943-477103


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