Thakot HydroPower Project

Thakot HydroPower Project

Location: The project sites for Thakot I, II and III are located as 4km upstream of Besham, 12km downstream of Besham (Tentative) and 15km downstream of Thakot (Tentative) respectively.
Salient Features

Design Discharge

3,400 m3/sec  THAKOT

Gross Head

159 m

Installed Capacity

4,643 MW

Thakot-I    2,154 MW

Thakot -II     964 MW

Thakot -III 1,525 MW

Annual Energy

22,405 GWh
No. & Type of Turbine 10  (Francis Type)


To Generate Electricity
Consultants Thakot Hydropower Consultants (THC) JV of Lahmeyer International (Lead Firm), NDC, BAK in association of KEC.
Commencement Date -
Completion Date -
Financial Status (Rs. Million)             Local          Foreign Total
PC-II Cost Approved by CDWP 416.488 303.139 719.628
PSDP Allocation 2018-2019 119.000 - 119.000


  • Thakot was identified by MONENCO in “Inventory and Ranking Study” in November 1984. PC-II approved on June 18, 2012 and  Feasibility Study(FS) is being financed by PSDP
  • Due to increased scope of work and investigations, Thakot HPP would be carried out in two phases :

PHASE - I : The Feasibility Study of Thakot -1 ( at dam site D-3) and Conceptual Studies of Thakot -2 ( at dam site D-4 or D-7) and Thakot -3 (at dam site D-6) are to be completed by the Consultants in Phase-I of the study upto August, 2018.

PHASE - II : To carry out field investigations  and Feasibility Study of Thakot-2 (D-4 or D-7) and Thakot-3 (D-6) on the basis of Conceptual Studies finalized under Phase-I upto June, 2019.



Incharge of the Project

 Muhammad Rafiq

General Manager (Hydro) Planning,

WAPDA, Sunny View, Lahore

Contact No. 0092-42-99202717

Cell No.       0300-5604910

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