Major development towards construction of Dasu Hydropower Project Bids opened for main civil works of Stage-I of the project

Lahore – July 11, 2016: In yet another major development towards construction of Dasu Hydropower Project, the Pakistan Water and Power Development Authority (WAPDA) today receivedbids for main civil works (MW-01 and MW-02) of Stage-1 of the project. The bids were opened by a Committee headed by WAPDA Member (Water) Muhammad Shoaib Iqbal here at WAPDA House.

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The bids for civil works under MW-01 includes construction of Hydraulic Diversion Structure, Spill Way, Intake Structures, Diversion Tunnel and Hydraulic Steel Structures etc. As many as four companies belonging to China, Turkey and Vietnam participated in bidding for MW-01.

The bids for civil works under MW-02 includes construction of Underground Power House, two Intake Power Tunnels and two Tail Race Tunnels and Hydraulic Steel Structures etc. Three companies from China, Turkey and South Korea participated in bidding for MW-02.

The contracts will be awarded after evaluation of the bids and receiving no objection letter from the World Bank.

It is pertinent to mention that the following five contracts of preliminary works of the project have already been awarded:

  1. Relocation of Karakoram Highway worth Rs. 14.538 billion
  2. Construction of Right Bank Access Road worth Rs. 2.713 billion
  3. Construction of 132 kilovolt (KV) transmission line from Duber Khwar Hydel Power Station to Dasu worth Rs. 1.583 billion
  4. Construction of project colony and allied infrastructure worth Rs. 4.8 billion
  5. Construction of resettlement sites and Shatial Museum worth Rs.571.95 million

Dasu Hydropower Project, being constructed by WAPDA on River Indus upstream of Dasu Town in Kohistan District of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) Province is a vital development project not only for the country but also for KP Province, as the project will stabilize the economy of Pakistan by providing low-cost hydel electricity besides ushering in a new era of socio-economic development in the backward and far flung areas of KP Province. The World Bank is partially providing funds for construction of the Stage-1 of Dasu Hydropower Project. On completion in five years, Stage-1 of the project will contribute more than 12 billion units, while Stage-II will provide another 9 billion units to the National Grid every year.