Inter-House competitions in literary and cultural activities are scheduled which include Urdu and English debates, Essay writing, Qir'at and Quiz competitions. Cadets of all the four Houses i.e. Omar, Liaquat, Jinnah and Iqbal participate with zeal and spirit of competition to prove their excellence.

Pure Water and Incessant Electric Supply

Cadets are provided with pure chlorinated fresh water. Similarly, WAPDA Cadet College is equipped with incessant supply of electricity therefore Cades can continue their daily routine throughout the year.

Cadets’ Mess

Spacious Mess Halls with all catering facilities lie close to the hostel building where balanced meals are served to the cadets.

Medical Facility

WAPDA Hospital, located about 500 meters from the College campus provides medical cover to the cadets . WAPDA Hospital Tarbela is equipped with essential facilities. Specialist Doctors, Eye Specialist, ENT Specialist, Surgeons and Medical Specialists are available at WAPDA Hospital Tarbela to take care of the cadets in case of illness / emergency. Medical records of Cadets are maintained for future reference. WCC has medical inspection MI Room with appropriate medical staff for providing round the clock medical care.


    • Books and Stationery

The College follows the syllabus laid down by Federal Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education Islamabad. The medium of instruction in College is English. Text books and items of stationary are available at College Stationary Shop.

  • Pocket Money

Extra Pocket Money / Cash must be handed over to the House Master concerned. Junior Cadets are allowed to retain Rs.300/- and Senior Cadets Rs.500/- on weekly basis as for pocket money. Any cash found over and above will be confiscated and credited to the pocket money account of Cadet concerned. Parents are requested not to send money orders to their sons or give them extra cash. In case of loss / theft Cadets will be fined the equivalent amount and punished.

  • Journey to the College

It will be the responsibility of the parents / guardians to arrange safe journey for their sons / ward for going home and coming back to the College at the beginning and end of break / holidays. The College provides transport for students to and from Rawalpindi (subject to availability) on scheduled break / holidays.

  • Accident / Mishap

The College adopts all the possible measures for the safety of the cadets during their stay at the College campus. However, the College will not be held responsible for any kind of accidents / mishaps causing any kind of physical harm due to injury etc.

  • Leave
  1. For every term there are a fixed number of weekends that cadets may avail themselves of.
  2. Leave is granted on written application from parents. However leave, other than holidays is not granted except under exceptional circumstances. No leave will be granted for attending weddings, except the wedding of siblings.
  3. Disciplinary action is taken against the Cadets overstaying leave without valid reasons. For absence of continuous 7 days or more, a Cadet will be liable for withdrawal from College
  • Uniform
  1. The College uniform consists of Khaki Shirt and Khaki Trousers (army pattern) khaki belt, khaki socks, black shoes and navy blue beret.
  2. In winter, woolen jersey (army pattern) is worn as part of the uniform. Walking-out dress in summer is white shirt, grey trousers, black socks and black shoes while in winter, grey trousers, navy blue blazer, light blue shirt, black socks and black shoes.
  3. While at the College, Cadets have to wear prescribed dress and are not allowed to wear other dresses / shoes when out of their residences.
  • Visitors / visiting sunday/ long weekends
  1. Parents / Guardians can visit their sons/wards only on visiting Sundays at the following timings.
    • 0900 to 1630 hrs (Oct to Mar)
    • 0900 to 1800 hrs (April to Sep)
  2. No relative / guests are allowed to visit Cadets on visiting Sundays without authority of permission from parents / guardians.
  3. Parents / Guardians / Guests are not allowed to visit Hostels / Cadets residences.


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