WAPDA Administration Division


Admn & Services Division is headed by Managing Director (Admn) and is responsible for Human Resource Management, provison of General Services to employees and Social/Welfare/CSR activities including Sports.


Admn & Services Division performs these functions through the following Directorates:-

HR & Admn Directorate:

Recruitment, Selection, Retirement, HR Information, Benefits/ Entitlements (Leave, Reward, Loans), Incentives, Labour Relations, Legal, Education, Organizational Office & Method (O&M) Studies, Training, Disciplinary Actions and Formulation of Rules/Policies & Procedure.

Services Directorate:

Provision of Office T&P and Allied Equipment, House Acquisition, Allotment of Official Accomodation, Allotment of Office Space, Commercial Leasing of WAPDA Property, Property Management, Transport Facility, Information Technology/Automation and Formulation of Policies/ Procedures.

Career Management Directorate:

Preparation & Implementation of Career Development Plans, Postings and Transfers, Promotions/Upgradations, HR Information, Trainings, Official Foreign Visits.

Sports Directorate:

Management of WAPDA Sports Teams, Sports Endowment Fund, Participation in & Hosting of Departmental/Inter Unit/National Sports Events, Representation in National/International Sports Governing Bodies, Talent Scouting & Development, Provision of Training & Development Facilities at WAPDA Sports Complex and Formulation of Policies and Procedures.

Medical Services Directorate:

Provision of Medical Services including Hospitalization, Surgery, Investigation, Consultation & Medicines to WAPDA/PEPCO/ NTDC/GHCL Employees through WAPDA Medical Complex Lahore, Twelve 50-Bed Hospitals, Thirteen Fortified Dispensaries & Sixteen Basic Dispansaries, Provision of Specialized Medical Treatment through agreements with Specialized Institutes, Re-imbursement of Medical Expenditures, Provision of Training Facilities to Central Park Medical College Lahore, Re-constructive Surgery/ Burn Unit, Rehabilitation and Formulation of Policies and Procedures.

Security Directorate:

Work Place Security, Occupational Safety, Recruitment & Deployment of WAPDA Security Force and Formulation of Policies/Procedures.

Legal Directorate:

Imparting legal opinion/advice to the Authority and all WAPDA formations in the legal issues (including Service, contractual, Land Acquisition and Administrative maters), Monitoring and supervising litigation maters sub judice in Courts all over Pakistan, engagement of WAPDA counsel/Advocates for filing appeal or to defend WAPDA in Courts of Law and payment of Counsel fee, Monitoring & Supervising cases pending before quasi-judicial forums namely Wafaqi Mohstasib (Ombudsman), FIA, NAB e.t.c.