Submission of yearly reports and returns, etc. 

21.    (1)     The Authority shall submit to the Government, as soon as possible after the end of every financial year but before the last day of September next following a report on the conduct of its affairs for that year. 

          (2)     A copy of the report mentioned in sub-section (1) together with a copy of the audit report referred to in Section 28 shall be placed by the Government before the National Assembly and the National Assembly shall refer the same to its Committee on Public Accounts for scrutiny and examination. 

         (2-A) The Committee on Public Accounts shall scrutinize and examine the report referred to it under sub-section (2) in the same manner as, and shall in respect thereof, perform the same functions and exercise the same powers as are required by it to be performed and exercised in respect of appropriation accounts of the Federal Government and the report of the Auditor-General of Pakistan thereon.

           (3)     The Government may require the Authority to furnish it with:-

            (i)    any return, statement, estimate, statistics or other information regarding any matter under the control of the Authority; or

            (ii)   a report on any such matter; or

            (iii)  a copy of any document in the charge of the Authority; and the Authority shall comply with every such requisition.


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