Golen Gol Hydropower Project Chitral


The Project is located on Golen Gol Nullah a tributary of Mastuj River, 25 Km from Chitral Town in N.W.F.P

Scope of Work Construction of O&M Staff Colony (Lot-1), Civil Work (Lot-2) Civil works of Power House (Lot-3.1), (E&M) works (Lot-3.2) and transmission Line (Lot-4).
Objectives/Benefits To Generate 106 MW Hydel Electricity
Date of Commencement July 2002(actual) /Revised July 2009
Date of Completion Actual June 2006/Revised July 2013
Project Cost As per PC-I/PC-II Rs. 7035.128 (Million)
Salient Feature Installed Capacity
Design Discharge
Tunnel Length
Annual Energy
Design Head
106 MW
30 m3/ Sec
3.8 Km
436 Gwh
435 M
Presents Status/ Progress  (Lot-1) Colony

Contract for O&M Staff Colony Koghuzi Chitral has been awarded. Contractors have mobilized and work is in progress.

(Lot-2) Civil works Tender documents for 2& 3.1 (Post qualification) are being issued to the interested firms and the last date of submission of the said documents is extended upto 1st & 2nd Oct 2009 respectively.
(Lot-3,1) Civil Works of  Power House
(Lot-3.2) E&M Works For lot 3.2 evaluation report of pre-qualification documents prepared and submitted to the competent Authority.
(Lot-4) Transmission Line

For Lot 4 (Transmission Line) Pre qualification documents of 05 No. Firms have been vetted by the donors whereas Tender Documents vetting from the Donors is awaited.

The evaluation of Technical Proposals for consultancy Services carried out by GM(P) North was submitted to worthy Member (Water) for approval. The same is being received by GM (P&D), Lahore.

In charge of the Project Mr. Ishtiaq Anwar
Project Director
Golen Gol Hydropower Project Chitral
Phone No. 0943-413473
091-9212041-47, Ext 325