Updated as on 30.04.2014

1.Location The dam site is located about  47 Kms South East of Kharan Town across Garuk River in district Kharan Balochistan.
2. Scope of Work Government of Pakistan intends to develop land and water resources of the country for irrigated agriculture development, hydropower generation, flood control and socio economic uplift.
3. Objectives/ Benefits
  • Storage of flood water for irrigated agriculture development of 12,500 acres of culturable command area.
  • Drinking water supply.
  • Socio-economic uplift and poverty reduction.
4. Date of Commencement 2015-16
5. Date of Completion 2018-19
6. Project Cost: (As per PC-I/PC-II)
  • PC-I approved by ECNEC in its meeting held on September 3,2009.
  • Revised PC-I of Rs. 6,850 Billion is under submission to MoW&P.
7. Salient Features 184 ft high Earth Core Rockfill Dam will create gross storage of 50,695 AF and hydropower generation of 300 KW.
8.Present Status/Progress
  1. PC-I approved by ECNEC in its meeting held on September 3, 2009.

  2. Revised PC-I of Rs. 6.850 Billion is under submission to MoW&P.

  3. Tenders of Garuk Dam on EPC basis invited on Oct 03, Nov 19,2009, Feb. 20, March 24, October 20 and December 23,2010 No bid received.

  4. No funds allocated in PSDP 2013-14 for construction of the Project.

  5. Tenders for construction are ready to be invited on EPC basis.

  6. Bids will be re-invited on availability of required funds for Construction of the Project.

9.Incharge of the Project Mr. Shahid Hamid,
Director, Small / Medium Dams,
201-WAPDA House, Lahore
(Ph: 042-99203701).